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Dress Codes

Lesson Dress Codes

I do not have a specific dress code for lessons, wear whatever makes you comfortable. I do recommend street shoes (leather soled) or shoes that will not stick to the floor. To help you with other events and venues we offer the following suggestions and advice:


Most cruises will require at least one night of formal attire. There are almost always opportunities to wear a tuxedo on a cruise, even if it’s not required, it is suggested or recommended.

Appropriate tuxedos for cruises include any black tuxedo excluding tails. White or Ivory dinner jackets are always a great option for a cruise. They are an affordable way to have two completely different looks especially if you are wearing a tuxedo for more than one evening. For the ladies a sequined or dressy short dress.

“Thank you for your patience and your time in building my repertoire of dance”

Casual Occasions
Private parties and informal get togethers. The invitation should indicate whether it is “Casual Dress” and certainly if the event does not have a “formal” printed invitation then such events are typically very informal and enable you to wear any clothes that expresses your style. Blue Jeans are to be avoided, use coloured jeans with discretion, even if coming straight from a “jobsite”, perhaps bring a change of clothes! Typically more dressy appearance perhaps similar to the modern “casual business” dress would be quite appropriate. For the ladies perhaps a skirt and blouse combination. For the record our parties mainly fall into this category. Keep an eye on the newsflash page and our calendar for changes in dress requirements at the studio.

Events billed as “semi-formal”
In absence of an actual printed invitation Take your cue from the method of invitation, typically if an event does not have a formal invitation and is billed as “semi-formal” a jacket and tie is called for. It is not necessary to wear a tuxedo and you may see more “suits” than tuxedos for this type of event. For the ladies perhaps the business style of dress would be quite appropriate even perhaps moving up to a cocktail dress if the mood strikes you!

Company Holiday Parties and Banquets
The invitation should indicate whether it is “Black Tie” or “Black Tie Invited / preferred / optional.” Company events are typically a little less strict and enable you to wear a tuxedo that expresses your style.

Occasions with Black Tie or White Tie
Read your invitation to know what is appropriate as all black-tie events have different levels of formality. Black Tie Invited or Optional (sometimes referred to as “Semi-Formal” if accompanied with an actual invitation!) It is not mandatory to wear a tuxedo, but you will typically see more tuxedos at these functions than suits. You can never be overdressed. Black tuxedos or White or Ivory Dinner jackets are appropriate. Dinner jackets should only be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. If your date is wearing a sequined or dressy evening gown, follow her lead and wear a tuxedo. If she is wearing more of a business dress, then a suit may be more appropriate.

Black Tie PreferredIf the event is black tie preferred then the host would like to see all guests in tuxedos. You could wear a dark suit, but the host is requesting a tuxedo. Similarly for the ladies a cocktail (mid-thigh length dressy or sequened) dress  is requested, you could also wear a business like suit but as for the gentlemen, this is not what the host is requesting.

Black Tie If the event is black tie, it means that you must wear a tuxedo. It does not refer to wearing a black tie, rather it means you must wear a black tuxedo and as indicated above, dinner jackets should really only be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. All guests are required and expected to wear formal wear so again for the ladies a cocktail (mid-thigh length dressy or sequined) dress.

White Tie If the event is white tie, it means you must wear black tails with a black trouser, white pique wing collar shirt, white pique vest and tie, white jewelry and white gloves.  For the ladies this would demand a full length evening gown. Unfortunately there are few evening gowns that are tailored to allow for serious dancing but you might find a suitable and impressive ballgown or a gown with at least two full circles of material in the skirts.  This is a very formal event and the guidelines are probably very strict. There is also likely to be a very formal protocol and procedures at such an event.